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My father was talking to me about different knives he has bought over the years and how he couldn’t sharpen any of them without great effort, not to mention their edge holding capabilities were terrible to begin with. This also gave me an idea. I set out to research knife making online, and went to work. I ended up with 10 bushcraft knives and 3 folding knives. My father uses his folding knife every single day. He has even cut small branches from trees, and used it for cement patching a step into his and my mom’s home. I’d never recommend using a knife on cement, but his blade has held up to the abuse! Now my father has his knife that he can sharpen and use daily, and my closest friends have a handmade gift they will never forget. As for me, well, I found out that I loved making knives and it has become a passion of mine.

Want to see what a KNIVES BY MARK blade can do in the right hands? Watch me compete on History Channel’s Knife Or Death, Season 2, Episode 2. It could still shave after all of this abuse….


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On January 1, 2016

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